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A gel blaster is a toy gun that looks like a real gun. These guns are not used for any purpose other than playing combat games. If you have played Paintball, then you will know what we are talking about. A combat game can be played between teams with each player having a gel blaster.

The gel blaster guns look realistic making the game fun to play. Most importantly, they use gel bullets that dissolve in impact. This makes it so safe that even kids can play the game. It leaves a mark and based on the mark left, people can be eliminated from the game until a winner emerges.

More about Gel blasters


Gel blasters are guns intended to be used as toys. They work similar to air guns. There can be different types of gel blasters. They are available in the form of rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and  even sniper rifles. The key feature of these guns is that the bullet is made from a gel-substance that makes it safe. It is also eco-friendly.

The following is information about gel blasters and its use that will help you understand more about these toy guns:

  • Gel blasters are toy guns safe to use. The bullet dissolves when it hits a person or object and can cause no harm. Even if it strikes a person, the impact would be like being struck by a rubber band. A mark would be left behind, which would disappear fast.
  • The only risk involved is the gel bullet striking the eye. This makes playing with an eye mask mandatory. This needs to be enforced especially for kids.
  • Since the gel bullet dissolves, it is eco-friendly. It doesn’t leave behind a mess.
  • Gel blasters and bullets are not very expensive. When you buy from a good retailer, you will get many types at different prices. You can even get gel blasters at budget prices. 
  • The gel blasters come in different types. This makes playing games with these blasters great fun. Even though they work like an air gun, the impact is not as strong. This ensures safety. 
  • Due to accidents involving kids being hit in the eyes, gel blasters have been categorised as firearms in all Australian states except Queensland. You can use these toy guns without a license in Queensland. In other places, a license is needed.
  • You need to buy gel blasters from a reputed retailer, so you get a quality product.

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