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Family law firm is a term used for those organisations that encourage people with relationship worries to come and talk in a confidential space. In Sydney, these types of organisations are increasingly common. Family law firms have been set up to help people before they begin the legal process of separating from their partner. Family lawyers offer counselling, some also have accommodation or mediation services for your children, mediation services to help couples agree on parenting arrangements or property division, or financial advice for one partner if you need money before making the decision to separate.


Tips to locate the best family law firm in Sydney


Below are some tips to help you find the best Sydney family law firms:


  1. Be aware of the different types of family law firms in Sydney.


There are several types of family law firms. Some are designed for people who are very young, such as those with children aged under two years old. There may also be more specific services such as those for same-sex couples, or those that work to help women who have experienced domestic violence – these tend to have a very different style and tone of service.


  1. Look at the type of work the family law firm does.


There are sub-specialties in family law that you might want to ask about and consider:

Parenting Agreements : This can be helpful if you have children, but are not married or in a civil union. There is a system of Parenting Agreements and Agreements as Parent (AAPs) that can provide structure and help you come to agreement, if no legal advice is given by the family law firm in Sydney. The issues discussed include custody and visitation, parenting time agreements and financial arrangement. For mothers who wish to retain parental rights after divorce, there may be a specialist counselor available to assist with mediation.


  1. Ask about the procedures at the family law firm.


It is important to ask about things like how long the process takes, whether you need a lawyer to represent you, and what happens if a case is lost. However, if you are seeking advice from a family law firm, it is unlikely that they would offer representation for personal matters such as child maintenance or child custody.


  1. Make sure it is a good fit.


This is a good idea, just like other types of services. It would be helpful if you do an interview with the potential family law firm to find out what they can offer before making the decision to go with them. They should be able to answer some questions about how their service will benefit you and any children involved in your case. You should also be able to ask about their areas of expertise and the number of years they have been practicing family law. Doing this will help you feel more confident that you are making a good decision, even if it is not one that you might want to make.




Family law firms are now common in Sydney. They offer a variety of services to people who have relationship problems that they need help with. There are different types of services and the range of issues that can be discussed is increasing. When shopping around for a family law firm, make sure you ask questions about exactly what the firm does to help understand exactly how it will benefit you and your children.