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Scour protection is removing sand and debris from structures that come into touch with water frequently, whether up or down the water surface. This technique is critical for preserving the lifespan of any facility, which can quickly decline if left to its own devices against constant water onslaught.

Scour protection is defined as the process or action of stopping or resisting a moving object. As opposed to intrusion prevention, which protects against unwanted access, scour protection protects from physical damage to vessels, structures, and things. A scour protection barrier consists of an upstanding structure and a movable barrier. The movable barrier, which may be movable either vertically or horizontally, is moved across the surface of the structure, and the barrier is restrained to movement by the upstanding structure.

Scour Protection On Septic Drain.

Scour protection is the name given to the protective layer on the bottom of a septic drain field. Usually made of concrete and comprising multiple cell structures, scour protection is there to prevent excess sediment from entering the drain field.

A septic system is an underground network of drains and pipes that is used to dispose of wastewater from your home. When properly installed, a septic system should not harm the environment. However, if left unchecked, a septic system can become overloaded and begin to destroy the environment.

Benefits of Scour Protection

Scour protection is a common form of water pollution control that employs physical barriers to inhibit the transport of sediments and suspended solids. Thus, to know more about scour protection.

Scour Protection is a temporary protective application that eliminates potentially damaging soils and water from illegal dumping onto land. Only authorized personnel should place scour protection. When scour protection is placed, it prevents and minimizes damage caused by illegal dumping, which causes an estimated $1 billion in environmental damage each year.


In summary, Scour is a particle treatment that provides an additional layer of protection that blocks both fine and coarse debris.