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AutoCraze is a website that allows you to access free cars. You can choose from a list of car models and predetermined localities where the cars are located. Once you have chosen your desired car, you can contact the owner directly by phone or email. In some cases, if the owner prefers it, AutoCraze also has a messaging facility on its website where you can leave a message for the owner, which will only be revealed when they sign in next.


How do I know who to trust?

The best way to protect yourself is to always ask for references from someone else who has used their services before. Also, ensure there is a contract in place that clearly states both parties’ terms and conditions.


Where do I find a list of cars available?

AutoCraze has a website that lists the cars available. You can also ask for help from family, friends, or neighbors who have previously used AutoCraze’s services as they may be able to offer advice to other reputable users.

How much does it cost?

There is no set fee. The owner sets their own price based on their agreement with AutoCraze. These prices vary depending on the initial approach and how urgently they need to offload a car. Some owners may request that you take overpayments until the loan is fully repaid, whereas others might only want to transfer ownership of the vehicle to you, which means that they can save on making repayments.


What is the process?

Once an owner has responded to your initial inquiry, you can set up a time to view the car and discuss how you want to proceed with any potential purchase. You can also contact AutoCraze directly if you prefer not to deal with the owner directly, but this may make it more difficult to negotiate price as all communication is passed through AutoCraze Review to ensure all parties are protected. Note: using AutoCraze does not mean that additional fees will be added to your final cost of buying a car. The only fee associated with using AutoCraze is what the owner charges for their own service.


What if I end up with a bad car?

AutoCraze allows for both the buyer and seller to be protected through its website. There is no set price; instead, owners offer their cars at their preferred price and wait for interested buyers to contact them directly. This means that the onus of responsibility lies with you and the owner rather than AutoCraze. You should have a contract in place which outlines your rights as a purchaser or lienholder if needed. If you don’t have an appropriate contract, then consider asking a lawyer to create one for you before completing any transactions.